Sáb. Ene 28th, 2023

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No se de por vencida Venezuela! – Por Amanda Gorski

For the past two weeks we have been following the events in Venezuela and it’s incomprehensible as the world watched from the side lines and does not react.

The illegitimate dictatorial regime of Maduro, is not only suppressing the students and the rest of the Venezuelan people, but it is also increasing control of the media, expelling and canceling journalists ’credentials as he did with CNN, and still pressures Colombia NTN24. At the same time, he put on a” show» and expelled three United States diplomats, putting responsibility on the U.S. of the events that are occurring in the Country.

How it is possible that the Castro-Chavez Dictatorship is torturing with electricity, beating and raping the detained who are innocent?

How is it possible that they are killing their own people in peaceful protests?

The bravery of the people who remain on the streets demanding their rights deserve all our respect and admiration. They overcame fear, and they are organizing themselves to re-conquer their country.

Where are the ecclesiastical authorities who have the protection of his parishioners as a sacred obligation?

Will the religious institutions have the same attitude as they have in Cuba? Where with a few exceptions, it became another servile instrument of the Castro dictatorship?

Father Palmar is an exception in Venezuela; he was severely beaten, and has been the sole representative of a church that has acted in a transparent manner against the regime, protecting his parishioners.

At the same time, it is unbelievable striking the passivity of the world’s organizations. Where are OAS, UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and so many others? They are only issuing press releases, while each day that passes more Venezuelan citizens are beaten, being trampled on by the dictatorship.

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Maintaining a strong uniformity on the streets will be the only measure that will ensure victory against the regime, as well as stop the expansionism of the Union of the Castrist Socialist Republics (UCSR), to which several countries in the region have been submitted, as in the case of Venezuela.

The pusillanimous attitude of most of the Governments in the Latin American region makes them accomplices to the illegitimate government, in the crimes that are been committed in Venezuela. Be aware that history will one day remember this passivity.

Congratulations to the few Latin American leaders who are not afraid of the Castro regime and have firmly expressed their concern and have told the reality of events that are occurring! Students and Venezuelan Twitterers that keep us informed of the events in the country deserve our congratulations and admiration; they are setting an example on how to re-conquer liberty, establish democracy, and overthrow the control that the UCSR wants to impose in the Americas.

Remember the following sentence: «Never doubt that a small group of thinking and committed citizens can change the world.» (Margaret Mead)

We are with you Venezuela! Don’t give up!

#SOSVenezuela #ResistenciaVzla #ElQueSeCansaPierde #PrayForVenezuela #NoMasViolencia

* Political scientist, Sociologist, Associate Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Fuente: http://www.intdemocratic.org/